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Fall leaves

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Tiny changes

Not all that long ago, some friends from college made a documentary film that they have been actively screening. Seventh-Gay Adventists follows three gay and lesbian couples trying to come to terms with how their sexuality and religion intersect. My friends poured — and still are — a lot of their time, energy, money, lives, and souls into this film, and I think it’s paying off. Not in the literal sense; I don’t know if documentaries really make all that much money. But, as someone who is very much on the sidelines cheering them on, I’ve had the opportunity to witness what a film can do to impact the world in a positive way. People who you would never imagine being supportive of LGBT Adventists (or Christians, in general) are now freely admitting that their hearts have broken open, and they are more accepting of their gay brothers and sisters. Continue reading

Door with lock

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Is a tiny house worth the risk?

That’s what I’ve been asking myself for a long time, ever since I decided to go down this path.

A couple of weeks ago I reached out to a tiny house company here in my area, asking them about parking, as well as inquiring about them possibly building my own tiny house. It was days before I heard from them, and I wondered if they were too busy or if my email had gotten lost in the ether. Then they replied. On the first question, they wouldn’t advise me on parking except for some very superficial information (“It’s too dicey.”), and the second generated several back and forth emails about how they could help me build my house. As soon as we were talking about when to meet or chat by phone, I started panicking. Continue reading

Tumbleweed Workshop

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My takeaway of the Tumbleweed Workshop

Two weekends ago I attended a two-day Tumbleweed Workshop in Seattle, presented primarily by Ella Jenkins. She is an enthusiastic tiny houser, who built a modified version of one of Tumbleweed’s designs, the 130-square-foot Fencl, without having any previous building experience. In the end, she wound up with this adorable little house in the video tour below. Continue reading


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Finding a place to land

The hardest part (so far) for me in this tiny house journey is trying to find a bit of land on which I can build and live. I am intimidated by the process for a handful of reasons, but the main one is that it’s not technically legal to live full-time in a structure that has no codes nor laws regulating it. Unless you have it built by an RV-certified manufacturer, it’s not considered an RV (and even RVs aren’t coded for full-time living). It’s not classified as a mobile home, even if you build it on a trailer with wheels (despite the fact that a tiny house like the one I plan on having built is probably far sturdier and better insulated than a mobile home). Continue reading

Door hinge

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Why a tiny house?

Most of my childhood was lived in a small L-shaped house with low ceilings, old carpet, and single pane windows. It used to be a garage that had long ago been converted into a living space, and my mom and I slept in our waterbeds in what was really supposed to be the living room. Later, extended family would add on two bedrooms, one for her and one for me, turning the house into a rectangle. It was still small. Continue reading


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